International competition situation and research focus on Internet of Things for agricultural equipment

Jianxia Yuan, Qiuju Zhang, Xiaolu Hu, Zhonghua Miao, Zhenbo Wei, Long Qi, Haihua Wu

Article ID: 2086
Vol 2, Issue 2, 2021
VIEWS - 66 (Abstract)


Taking SCI papers related to the Internet of Things for Agricultural Equipment Research as the object, comprehensively using bibliometric methods, the paper content analysis methods and expert consultation, the methods, through analyses of paper output trends, hot research topics, leading countries, key research contents, etc. The development trend, international competition situation, and hotspot directions of the Internet of Things for agricultural equipment were revealed, with a view to providing decision support for optimizing research layout and project management.


agricultural equipment; Internet of Things; smart agriculture; sensor; SCI papers

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