Notice on the prohibition of using AI techniques to generate papers!


This journal values human initiative and intelligence, and the employment of AI technologies to write papers that replace the human mind is expressly prohibited. When there is a suspicious submission that uses AI tools to quickly piece together and generate research results, the editorial board of the journal will reject the article, and all journals under the publisher's umbrella will prohibit all authors from submitting their articles.

Readers and authors are asked to exercise caution and strictly adhere to the journal's policy regarding the usage of Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) tools.

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We are recruiting Editorial Board Members

Advances in Modern Agriculture (AMA) is looking for members of the Editorial Board.  
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Notice on the change of publication frequency

The publication frequency of Advances in Modern Agriculture is Quarterly since 2024, that means the journal will publish 4 issues per year from 2024 onwards. 
Posted: 2023-12-28

New requirements for the Author Contributions section

Beginning with Volume 4, Issue 2 in 2023, Advances in Modern Agriculture has new rules for the Author Contributions section.  
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The 2022 World Food Forum will be held in Italy

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Italian researchers are protesting a law that may equate “biodynamic” methods with organic agriculture


One line in the draft law concerns scientists above all. Article I states that “for the purposes of this law, the biodynamic agriculture method […], when applied in compliance with the European Union’s dispositions on organic farming, is equated with organic farming”. A few articles later, the law requires one representative of biodynamic farmers to sit in a technical committee that will oversee the application of the law, including allocations of public funds.

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Notification of Journal Launch!

The journal is officially started, and experts are invited to share the findings of cutting-edge research on modern agriculture. For further information, please see here.  
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