Editorial for Metaverse (Volume 4 Issue 2)

Xiaoxi Shan

Article ID: 2520
Vol 4, Issue 2, 2023
DOI: https://doi.org/10.54517/m.v4i2.2520
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People are getting more and more familiar with the concept of “Metaverse” as a result of the advanced technologies that are developing at a rapid pace. Though it incorporates many current technologies, such as 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, digital currency, the Internet of Things, and human-computer interaction, the Metaverse itself does not contain any new technology[1]. The Metaverse is the carrier of the next generation of social worlds, having developed a new environment in which people are virtually connected to their loved ones, pets, favorite things, and experiences[2]. Everyday lifeworld is being impacted by the Metaverse these days, and there are a lot of interesting and absorbing things to investigate and study. This issue offers readers an intriguing look into research on the Metaverse from a variety of perspectives, with the primary focus being on art production via Metaverse-related technologies. In addition, scholars try to take various technologies associated with the Metaverse into the consideration of objective reality of the digital age. It is envisaged that those subjects will stimulate readers’ curiosity and encourage their active Metaverse investigation.

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