Special Issues
Guest Editor: Prof. Danli Wang, Prof. Mingmin Zhang
Keywords: Metaverse; Intelligent Education; Cognitive Theory; Interaction and Collaboration; Artificial Intelligence; XR Technologies; User Evaluation
Submission deadline: 2024-12-31
Guest Editor: Dr. Xiaowen Tao
Keywords: Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Mixed Reality; Extended Reality; State Estimation; Simultaneous Localization and Mapping; Sensor Fusion; 3D Mapping; Human-Computer Interaction; Machine Learning; Computer Vision; Immersive Interfaces; Haptics; Sensor Technologies; Spatial Perception; Wearable Devices; Real-time Localization; Multimodal Sensor Fusion; Industrial Applications; Healthcare Applications; Educational Applications; User Experience; Ethical Implications; Privacy Concerns; Collaborative Mapping
Submission deadline: 2024-12-31
Guest Editor: Dr. Shashi Kant Gupta, Dr. Shilpa Mehta, Prof. Olena Hrybiuk
Keywords: Metaverse; Cybersecurity; Cloud  Computing Platform; IoT-based Metaverse; Augmented Reality; Virtual Reality; Artificial Intelligence; Internet of Things; Quantum Computing
Submission deadline: 2024-04-30
Guest Editor: Prof. Xiaoxi Shan
Keywords: New Media Art; Metaverse; Virtual Art; AI Artist; Short Video; Network Animation; Regionality
Submission deadline: 2023-09-01