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Wang, Fengxia, School of Tourism, Hainan University (China)
Wang, Hui, School of engineering, Yantai Nanshan University (China)
Wang, Huizhan, School of Economics and Management, Northwest University (China)
Wang, Linyu, School of Drama and Film, Jilin University of Arts (China)
Wang, Si, School of Tourism, Hainan University (China)
Wang, Xinxin, College of Economics and Management, Shenyang Agricultural University (China)
Wang, Zhangjun, School of Culture and Tourism, Chongqing City Management College (China)
Wei, Junfeng, School of Tourism and Landscape Architecture, Guilin University of Technology (China)
Widiastini, Ni Made Ary, Hotel Management, Faculty of Economic, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Indonesia)

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