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Dear Colleagues,

Cruise tourism is one of the emerging, fast-growing tourism products in the 21st century. Due to globalization, climate change, geopolitics, technological advancement, the COVID-19 pandemic, and social transformation, the cruise tourism industry has undergone fundamental shifts in the past decades. To address the unfolded challenges and implement resilient strategies, smart cruise tourism is a ‘must’ to rebuild the cruise port and resilient cruise shipping networks in the forthcoming years. In terms of smart cruise tourism, sustainable energy, low carbon economy, autonomous cruise ships, digital technologies, and smart cruise destinations are critical success factors. In this special issue, we invite researchers, policymakers, industrial practitioners, and academic scholars to submit research papers to address the research gap and suggest possible ways to strengthen smart cruise tourism in the future. Papers may use a variety of research techniques, such as case studies, theoretical inquiry, empirical investigations with data analysis, and data-driven strategies. It is believed that a digital generation has come and more possibilities are waiting to be discovered. A huge contribution will be shown by the research results.

Guest Editor

Dr. Lau Yui Yip