Asia Pacific Academy of Science Pte. Ltd. (APACSCI) specializes in international journal publishing. APACSCI adopts the open access publishing model and provides an important communication bridge for academic groups whose interest fields include engineering, technology, medicine, computer, mathematics, agriculture and forestry, and environment.


Since its foundation in 2019, APACSCI’s mission is promoting open scientific exchanges globally and APACSCI strives to publish academic journals in various interdisciplinary fields. APACSCI has established partnerships with domestic and foreign research institutions and has won the support of more than 3000 scholars who share APACSCI’s values, mission, and standards.


Operating its journals using Open Journal Systems (OJS), APACSCI serves scholars from around the world to ensure that the latest research is freely and promptly available. APACSCI is headquartered in Singapore, with international offices in Malaysia and China, such as Chengdu City, Wuhan City, and Shijiazhuang City. APACSCI bridges close exchanges between authors, readers, editors, and scholars all over the world via academic conferences and visits.


This journal, Smart Tourism, is owned by Asia Pacific Academy of Science Pte. Ltd.

Asia Pacific Academy of Science Pte. Ltd.