Open Access
Original Research Article
Stuart Evans, Charlene Willis
Wear. Tech. 2024 , 5(1), 2527; doi: 10.54517/wt.v5i1.2527
Article lD: 2527

In primary and high school settings, the benefits of incorporating technology into curricula have been addressed by several studies; however, wearable technology integration as experienced by physical education teachers is less prevalent. Physical education teachers’ lack of confidence teaching P.E. using wearables, along with a lack of appropriate preparation and unclear curricula frameworks that define how wearables could be used, are additional factors which require further exploration. As such, due consideration of the opportunities and barriers that physical education teachers encounter with wearable usage is presented. This article contributes to pedagogical practices in physical education using wearable technology. This is achieved by highlighting the opportunities that wearable technology presents as a student learning support tool as wearable allow cross curriculum learning opportunities with science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In this paper, the practicality and curriculum relevance of wearable usage in physical education is highlighted. Our paper discusses implications for research and practice and provides a knowledge base for the establishment of professional development courses based on teacher needs.

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