Causes and treatment of air pollution in modern Greater London

Zhiqiao Yu, Weifang Lu

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Vol 3, Issue 1, 2022
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Since the 19th century, the process of industrialization and urbanization in Britain has not only created huge material wealth, but also brought heavy negative effects to human society. Among them, air pollution is one of the costs and has become a major obstacle to the construction of ecological city. London first analyzes and treats the causes of smoke air pollution, and then treats the sulfur dioxide and lead pollution in automobile exhaust. Since the new century, it has focused on the monitoring and treatment of nitrogen dioxide and inhalable suspended particles. From air legislation to the mayor of Greater London’s air quality strategy, from congestion fees to low emission areas, from green travel represented by bicycles to the treatment of dust on the construction site streets, it shows that the London municipal government’s treatment of air pollution is becoming more and more in-depth and comprehensive, and the means to control air pollution are also innovating.


Greater London; air pollution; fog city; ecological city

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