A method of attitude measurement and level assessment for skiers based on wearable inertial measurement

Yijia Zhang, Xiaolan Yao, Yongqiang Han, Peizhang Li, Hao Zhang, Hongqing Cao, Xuyang Fang


Quantitative analysis of sports is an important development direction of scientific skiing training, and the digital expression of human movement patterns during skiing is the basis for scientific quantitative analysis. A human motion capture and attitude reconstruction system based on a wearable BSBD inertial measurement unit was designed and built, combined with the human multi-rigid body motion model to realize the human body reconstruction during the skiing, and applied to the auxiliary training of slewing movements in alpine skiing. At the same time, for the indoor training scene based on the multi-degree-of-freedom simulated ski training platform, a digital evaluation method suitable for ski slalom is proposed. The method uses motion capture system and posture reconstruction system to extract five kinds of sliding characteristic data of skiers, and realizes the evaluation of skiers’ technical parameters through similarity measurement and linear fitting with high-level athletes’ motion parameters, so as to assist scientific training. Finally, experiments are carried out on the indoor Olymp simulated ski training bench to verify the effectiveness of the method.


motion capture; micro-inertial measurement unit; wearable sensor; assisted training

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