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Smart Tourism


Smart Tourism (ST) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal. ST focuses on the application of modern intelligent technology in tourism management, tourism service, tourism marketing, etc. The journal also pays attention to some new technologies such as cloud computing, and the internet, which perceive tourism-related information with the help of portable terminal Internet devices to arrange or adjust tourism plans in time. It is the real-time interaction between tourists and the Internet, which makes the tour arrangement enter the touch era. It will also inspire new ideas on policy formulation, the prosperity of villages, cultural protection, etc.

The journal welcomes all relevant submissions of original research articles, case reports, reviews, etc. Those articles that make constructive contributions to theory, technology, and methods are welcomed.

Journal Abbreviation:
Smart. Tour.

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Sustainable Social Development

Sustainable Social Development (SSD) is an open access journal, and it focuses on those daily impacts on everyone, from environment to medicine, from unemployment to economics, from culture to criminal, etc. Sustainable Social Development (SSD) is committed to building a communication bridge for solving these livelihood problems and further promoting the development of a sustainable society.



Journal Abbreviation:

Sustain. Social. Dev.

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