Section Collections
Guest Editor: Margherita Borriello
Keywords: Biomarkers, Biological matrices, patients follow up, precision medicine, lab med, clinical biochemistry, clinical pathology, POCT, Lab on chip
Submission deadline: 2024-11-20
Guest Editor: Reza Bazargan-Lari, Associate Professor, Director-in-Charge of Journal of New Materials, Prof.Dr. Dalia Mohamed Aboelhassan
Keywords: Cloud Computing; Computational Mathematics; Data Analysis; Decision Science; Image Processing; Knowledge Management; Machine Learning; Linear Algebra; Numerical Analysis; Computational Complexity; Data Visualization.
Submission deadline: 2024-09-25
Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Raghu Gogada
Keywords: Imaging Techniques; Data Analysis; Microscopy; Functional Imaging; Machine Learning; Computational Methods; Single-Cell Imaging; Live-Cell Imaging; Mass Spectrometry Imaging; Super-Resolution Microscopy; Cryo-Electron Mmicroscopy;Big Data ; Image Analysis.
Submission deadline: 2023-10-31