Section Collections
Guest Editor: Prof. Vitalii S. Nitsenko,Dr. Nadia Adnan,Prof. Digvijay Pandey,Prof. Dr. Lóránt Dénes Dávid,Dr. Ji Zheng,Dr. M. Senapathy,Prof. Binay Kumar Pandey,Dr. Mhd Ammar Nabil Hafiz,Dr. Abdur Rauf ,Assoc. Prof. Reza Moghaddasi,Dr. Vikram Kumar,Assoc. Prof. A.S.K. Sinha,
Keywords: agricultural management practices; agricultural production factors' allocation; agricultural economic policy; low-carbon agriculture; ecological value in the agricultural sector
Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Elsayed Abouelfotowh Omer,Dr. P. Suresh Kumar,Dr. Sudhir Pal Ahlawat,Dr. Fatemeh Nejatzadeh,Dr. Rasha Fouad Ismail,Dr. Hend Fouad Esmail,Dr. Shaimaa Ibrahim Mohammad Elsayed,Dr. Farid Mohamed Rohim Attia,
Keywords: horticulture; pomology; olericulture; floriculture; medicinal plants; landscape; biotechnology; plant breeding; crop cultivation; agricultural treatments; protected cultivation; post-harvest; quality evaluation; storage and processing technology; biological activities
Submission deadline: 2023-12-16
Guest Editor: Dr. P. Suresh Kumar,Dr. Hamdy Zahran,Dr. Safaa M. Ali,Dr. Ozan Kahraman,
Keywords: food science; functional foods; food ingredients; nutrient fortification; crop biomass; sustainable food; processing technologies; cross-disciplinary approach
Submission deadline: 2023-12-16
Guest Editor: Prof. Ying Feng,Dr. Muhammad Asyraf bin Muhammad Rizal, Prof. Dr. Khaled A. A. Abdelaal,Dr. Nadia Adnan,Prof. Essaid Bilal,Dr. Negasi Solomon Gebru,Dr. Sudhir Pal Ahlawat,Prof. Hafedh Rigane,Prof. Dr. Ernan Rustiadi,Prof. Maria Victoria Espaldon,Prof. Bharat Chandra Kusre ,Dr. Erum Iqbal,
Keywords: food security; innovation diffusion; farming techniques; farmers behavior SAP; sustainability; water usage
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31