Spatial Tourism
Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
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Dear Colleagues,


Tourism can not be separated from its spatial context. It always happens somewhere and in some place in this world, hence tourism is inherently spatial. In the application, tourism study and management constantly evolve and expands into novel research frontiers as the result of the dynamic of the world. Within this expansion, the spatial elements hold a crucial role in apprehending the new phenomenon that occurred in the tourism field. Environmental impact, tourists’ mobility, production and reproduction of space, socio-culture alteration, regional development, are amongst other new topics that emerge in the tourism study and all takes place somewhere in a space. Furthermore, new tools and methods in mapping and understanding tourism in the spatial context are also developing including Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (RS-GIS), WebGIS, data visualization, and spatial programming.


Therefore, we invite you to contribute into this interesting section of “Spatial Tourism”. This section focuses more on the spatial elements and analysis and spatial tools application in tourism study. It is important to share our work in the spatial tourism to enrich our understanding of the complexity of tourism in the recent time.


We look forward to receiving your contribution


Dr. Hilary Reinhart

Section Editor


Spatial Analysis; Tourism Mobility; RS-GIS for Tourism; Tourism Impact; Spatial Distribution; Cartography; Tourism Development