Technology-Enhanced Sustainable Food Practices in Tourism
Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
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Dear Colleagues,

In the section titled “Technology-Enhanced Sustainable Food Practices in Tourism", we aim to explore the intersection of technology and sustainable food systems within the tourism industry. This section will focus on how innovative technologies can be integrated to promote and enhance sustainable food practices, in line with the principles of the CASHP model. Topics will include the use of AI and big data in optimizing sustainable food sourcing and consumption in tourism, digital platforms for promoting local and eco-friendly food practices among tourists, and the role of technology in supporting the environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainable food tourism. Our objective is to showcase the pivotal role of technology in fostering sustainable food practices in tourism, ultimately contributing to more responsible and eco-conscious travel.


We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Dr. João Tomaz Simões

Section Editor


Sustainable Food Tourism; Technology in Food Sustainability; AI in Sustainable Food Practices; CASHP Model Application; Sustainable Food Sources; Digital Platforms for Food Education; Environmental Impact of Tourism; Local Food Systems in Tourism; Data Analytics in Food Sustainability; Eco-friendly Tourism Practices