Sensor-Driven Smart Tourism: Enhancing Travel Experiences Through Technology
Submission deadline: 2024-04-20
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Dear Colleagues,


Smart tourism leverages sensor technology to revolutionize travel experiences. By integrating sensors into various aspects of tourism, from transportation to accommodation and attractions, this approach enhances convenience, safety, and efficiency for travelers. Sensors embedded in infrastructure enable real-time data collection, facilitating personalized recommendations, optimized routes, and adaptive services. From smart transportation systems providing accurate navigation and efficient commuting to smart hotels using sensors for climate control and personalized guest experiences, the application of sensor technology transforms the way people explore and engage with destinations. Moreover, these advancements prioritize sustainability by minimizing environmental impact through resource optimization and efficient management. Overall, sensor-driven smart tourism redefines travel by offering seamless, personalized, and sustainable experiences for modern explorers.

The landscape of tourism is evolving rapidly, propelled by advancements in sensor technology. We invite scholars, researchers, and industry experts to contribute their insights and research findings to a section collection focused on "Sensor-Driven Smart Tourism: Enhancing Travel Experiences Through Technology".


This call seeks to delve into the intersection of sensor technology and tourism, exploring the multifaceted impacts and possibilities it presents. Submissions may cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:

·Smart Transportation: Innovations in transportation systems leveraging sensor technology for enhanced connectivity, navigation, and efficiency.

·Smart Accommodation: The integration of sensors in hotels, resorts, and accommodations to personalize guest experiences, optimize resource usage, and improve service efficiency.

·Data Analytics and Personalization: Utilizing sensor-generated data to offer personalized recommendations, customized itineraries, and tailored experiences for travelers.

·Sustainable Tourism: The role of sensor technology in promoting sustainability within the tourism industry through efficient resource management, reduced environmental impact, and eco-friendly practices.

·User Experience and Safety: Enhancing traveler safety, comfort, and overall experience through sensor-based solutions in tourist destinations and attractions.


We welcome empirical studies, theoretical frameworks, case analyses, and technological explorations that shed light on the dynamic interplay between sensor technology and the tourism sector. Submissions should emphasize innovation, practical implications, and the potential for shaping the future of travel.


Submissions should comply with the journal's guidelines and undergo a rigorous peer-review process.


Dr. Hitesh Mohapatra

Section Editor


Smart City; Tourism; IoT Enabled Services; Sensors; Designing and Applications