Marine Tourism Management
Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
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Dear Colleagues,


Marine tourism management is a multifaceted field that encompasses the planning, organization, and regulation of tourism activities in coastal and marine environments. As coastal regions around the world attract increasing numbers of visitor, this causes negative impacts on the marine environment. Therefore, the importance of effective tourism management practices becomes significant. Marine tourism management focuses on its role in fostering sustainability, economic development, community engagement, and adaptation to changing environmental conditions. Studies in the area of marine sustainable development, resource management, visitors and community-based involvement, marine policy development, and marine tourism awareness play a vital role in maintaining the well-being of both the natural marine environment and the local communities. It provides important knowledge for making important decisions and fostering responsible practices within the area. As the global demand for marine tourism continues to rise, a commitment to ongoing research is vital to ensuring that these precious environments are not only visited but cherished and conserved for generations to come.


Research articles and reviews in this area of study are welcome. We look forward to receiving your contributions.


Dr. Zeenat Yusof

Section Editor


Marine Tourism; Coastal Tourism; Sustainable Tourism; Eco Marine Tourism; Environmental Management in Tourism; Marine Tourism Planning and Policy; Marine Visitors’ Management; Tourism Impacts Assessments; Marine Community-based Tourism; Marine Tourism Protected Areas