Animal Science
Submission deadline: 2023-12-30
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Dear Colleagues,

Climate change, sustainability, circular economy, and biodiversity preservation are some of the many challenges we face today in animal science. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure the replenishment of resources while producing high-quality and safe products for consumers who are increasingly concerned about the environment.

The different aspects of production and their impact on society highlight the need to ensure the supply of animal protein by practicing good animal welfare, protecting and preserving the rural environment, and pursuing new techniques to achieve these objectives.

As the world changes day by day, only through innovation can we meet the challenges of new animal production. This section aims to serve as a forum for discussion and dissemination of the best practices in the field of animal science. By joining efforts and promoting good practice, we can contribute to the sustainable growth of animal production.

We are looking forward to your contributions.

Prof. Julio Cesar Oliveira Lopes

Section Editor


animal science; animal production; animal biodiversity; good practices; animal nutrition; productive innovation; autochthonous breeds