Agricultural Economics and Management
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Dear Colleagues,

With the socio-economic development, the current societys demand for agricultural fuctions shows new characteristics as following: (1) from the pursuit on food security to the pursuit of food safety, and then to the nutrition and health of diet; (2) from the research on food supply to the consideration of energy supply; (3) from simply guaranteeing food demand to the pursuit of achieving landscape ecological needs, that is , paying more attention to the environmental impacs and ecological value of agriculture (such as carbon emissions); from meeting currrent needs to considering long-term sustainable development. The improvement of agricultural economic management is crucial to meeting the new needs of society for agriculture and achieving sustainable agricultural development.


Therefore, our section consists of agricultural economic theory, agricultural economic policy, agricultural production relations, allocation of agricultural production factors, agricultural management practices in the different context in developing and developed countries, and new perspectives in agricultural economic development etc.Research articles and reviews in this area of study are welcome. 


We look forward to receiving your contributions. 

Dr. Ji Zheng

Section Editor


agricultural management practices; agricultural production factors' allocation; agricultural economic policy; low-carbon agriculture; ecological value in the agricultural sector