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Dear Colleagues,

City Planning is a multidisciplinary field that involves the design, development and   management of urban areas to ensure their functionality, sustainability and quality of life for residents. Moreover, it encompasses various aspects such as transportation, infrastructure, land use, environmental consideration, social equity and economic development.  Followings are the key areas of research in city development planning:

1. Urban Design and Architecture: Research focuses on creating aesthetically pleasing and functional urban spaces, considering factors like building design, public spaces, streetscapes, and neighborhood layouts.

2. Land Use and Zoning: This area explores the allocation of land for different purposes, such as residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational, and the regulations governing land use through zoning ordinances.

3. Transportation Planning: Research in transportation planning aims to develop efficient and sustainable transportation systems, including public transit, road networks, bicycle infrastructure, and pedestrian-friendly urban environments.

4. Sustainability and Environmental Planning: This research area addresses the environmental impact of urbanization, focusing on strategies for reducing energy consumption, promoting renewable energy sources, managing waste, preserving natural resources, and mitigating climate change.

5. Social Equity and Community Development: Research in this field examines issues of social justice, inclusivity, and community empowerment. It explores strategies to promote affordable housing, social services, public participation, and equitable access to amenities and resources.

6. Economic Development and Urban Regeneration: Research focuses on strategies to foster economic growth, attract investments, revitalize declining areas, and create employment opportunities. It may involve studying urban economies, business clusters, and revitalization programs.

7. Smart Cities and Technology: This emerging area explores the integration of digital technologies and data-driven solutions to enhance urban management, efficiency, and quality of life. Research may cover areas like smart infrastructure, data analytics, and urban informatics.

8. Historic Preservation and Cultural Heritage: Research in this field examines the preservation of historic buildings, landmarks, and cultural heritage sites, as well as strategies for integrating them into contemporary urban contexts.

9. Urban Governance and Policy: This research area focuses on urban governance structures, policy development, and decision-making processes. It may explore issues related to urban governance models, citizen engagement, and effective policy implementation.


It is indeed important to evaluate various urban development policies and to consider their impact. Research articles, reviews and reports covering this area are invited.


We look forward to receiving your contributions.  

Dr. Mehr-un-Nisa 

Lecturer, Department of Economics 

Dr. Naghmana Ghafoor 

Lecturer, Department of Economics

Section Editors 


Urban Development; Urban Design; Sustainability; Social Equity; Community Development; Urban Regeneration; Smart Cities; Cultural Heritage; Urban Governance; Sustainable Transportation