5G/6G Technology
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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Dear Colleagues,

Innovative 5G and emerging 6G technologies hold profound timeliness and promise far-reaching benefits for an extensive spectrum of individuals across the globe. The advent of 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) and the strides being made in advanced 6G are poised to significantly ameliorate the digital divide and extend global coverage. By enabling faster data speeds, low latency, and higher device connectivity, these technologies pave the way for improved remote education, telemedicine, and precision agriculture, among a myriad of other applications. Moreover, 5G NTN and advanced 6G can bridge the connectivity gap in remote and underserved regions, fostering economic growth and enhancing overall quality of life.


As we stand on the cusp of this transformative era, it is imperative for researchers and experts to contribute their technical insights. We earnestly invite fellow researchers to submit their research articles and comprehensive reviews to our journal, thereby fostering a collaborative environment that propels the trajectory of mobile telecommunications innovation forward.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Rupendra Nath Mitra

Section Editor


5G; 6G; AI/ML; Digital twin; NTN; Open RAN; RedCap devices; SDN; Security; Space Cloud Computing.