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Dear Colleagues, 

FIFTH generation (5G) new radio (NR) is currently the most widely accepted wireless cellular standard, which provides higher throughput, lower latency and a host of new features. 5G NR physical layer - using OFDM structure - consists of several physical channels and signals, such as PBCH, PDCCH, PRACH, etc.


An intelligent adversary creates an unwanted denial of service by transmitting radio signals that flood the communication channels to decrease the signal to noise ratio of legitimate users thereby interrupting their communication. However, PBCH and PDCCH are extremely vulnerable to the active attacks. For this, it is important to study the smart/intelligent jamming and anti-jamming techniques in the 5G-NR physical channels. Security and privacy-preserving studies in the MAC layer has a tight relation with the jamming threat in 5G-NR as well. Research articles and reviews in this area of study are welcome. We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Prof. Mohsen Kazemian

Section Editor


Jamming; 5GNR; PBCH; PDCCH; Physical Layer; Smart Attack.