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The rapid development of science and technology including cloud computing, chips, 5G, and artificial intelligence technology, has stimulated the recovery of the meta-universe. From the technical point of view, we (it seems) have touched the threshold of the meta-universe, which is no longer as far away as before.

The meta-universe includes such technologies as chip technology, network communication technology, virtual reality technology (VR/AR/MR/XR), game technology (game engine, game code, multimedia resources), AI artificial intelligence technology, and blockchain technology. To support the operation of the huge meta-universe, it also needs extremely powerful algorithms. The meta-universe is a digital universe and a parallel world. Therefore, the meta-universe is based on digital technology, which is closely related to IT and CT technology.

Metaverse (Met) is an open-access academic periodical that studies relevant issues on metaverse. Met also welcomes different types of articles including research articles, case studies, and reviews concerned with metaverse studies such as the concept definition and its development along with sources and growth approaches of the metaverse.




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